Victor Duntze

A hundred years after the creation of the Champagne wine G.F. DUNTZE, Victor Düntze offers “terroir” champagne wines, building on the initial fervour of his funder ancestor.

The collection “Légende de Terroirs” is composed of a rose champagne and four brut cuvees, each having its original single soil of Champagne..

“Relying on my skills as an oenologist and my experience of a former champagne wine trader, I develop my cuvees in the way of « separate soils » in order to enhance all the diversity and characteristic flavour of our vineyard. This bias makes my specificity and allows me to produce champagne wines with natural transcended generosity. Freshness, precision, subtlety: tasting the collection “Légende de Terroirs” is a sensory, personalized experience for true pleasure”.


Contrary to the majority of Champagne houses, G.F.DUNTZE do not practice the blending of wines issued from the main soils of Champagne area for the making of their cuvees.

They are therefore obliged to provide the greatest care in the selection of grape supplies and to reach the highest level in their trade as Champagne wine makers. This clear choice allows G.F. DUNTZE to reveal the soils of Champagne in a quite personal way.

This way their own style is revealed by nature and not caused by man action. his style is characterized by a distinguished and spontaneous generosity of the cuvees. The objective for each cuvee is to carry sensations of greediness, power and precision. In order to reveal the very essence of the soil from which each cuvee is issued, each of them is finely dosed (6.5 to 9 g/l) with its own dosage.


Originated in Germany, the DUNTZE family in Champagne was born from a lineage founded by Thomas DUNTZE (1816-1873), the owner of one of the largest breweries in the city of Bremen in Lower Saxony. One of his seven children, Friedrich (1856-1944), was co-opted to work for a great Champagne House in Reims being today one of the flagships in Champagne area. He left this House sixty years later as Chairman of the board of directors. A Champagne lover, he founded the family wine estate of Cramant (Great Growth of Côte des Blancs) and built the most modern pressing equipments at the time.

One of his five children, Georges Frédéric (1888-1943), also intended to work in the trade of Champagne wines. It was in 1913 in his natal land of Avize (Great Growth of Côte des Blancs) that he produced the first bottles of Champagne of Georges DUNTZE. Georges Frédéric became one of the major Champagne wine traders. Seriously ill, he had the courage and wisdom to reorganize his professional activity. He started to establish numerous co operations between wine-growers and wine-merchants as a wine-trader in Champagne wines. This option turned out to be a winning choice since one of his sons, Robert (1917-2010) and his descendants, Vincent (1950- ) and Victor (1976- ), have perpetuated and developed this activity.

Brut Légende

La Vallée de la Marne (on the right side)

This part of land is the most expanded in the Champagne area. It spreads from Epernay to Château-Thierry on both banks of the Marne River. The Cuvée Bleue is a tribute to this peaceful and relaxing stream.

Soils: deep and greasy soils composed with clay and clayey silt. The right bank from where this cuvee is originated is a place of choice because chalk is still very present there.

For the eye, golden shiny straw colour as all cuvees of the Collection, testifying of the exclusive use of the first press wine. Effervescence is lively and bubbles are extremely fine.

In the nose, this cuvee is fresh, delicious and floral (elder tree flowers) with light touches of fruit (white peach) and bakery (sandwich loaf) which evolve on opening towards barely toasted touches.

The mouth, well balanced, both vivid and naturally soft, is also delicious, generous and smooth with a quite fleshy side. Notes of caramel and soft almond last till the finish in mouth.

Brut Légende

Blanc de noirs

La Côte des Bar (Barséquanais Area)

Located at the very South of the Champagne area, the Côte des Bars is a soil made of deep valleys whose clay-limestone soils are particularly designed for Pinot Noir.

Soils: soils composed with marl, limestone and clay on steep slopes orientated South South-East.

For the eye, the dominant colour of this Cuvee reminds of the red chromatics found in the famous Pinot Noir grape variety.

In the nose, it combines mineral flavour, freshness and a depth on fruit (morello cherry, redcurrant). With aeration, these notes evolve towards slightly richer and more complex notes.

The mouth is fine and delicate. With a subtle balance, this Champagne will perfectly suit lovers of fresh, generous and spontaneous wines. This cuvee is the perfect example of gourmet aperitif champagne or cocktail.

Brut Légende - Rosé

Montagne de Reims and Sézanne area

Brut Légende Rosé is but a conventional rose wine, it expresses vigorously its fruit, flesh and generosity.

Soils: white and limey chalk

In the nose: This cuvee offers a spontaneous nose powerful on cherry, black fruit (blackcurrant) and candy.

The mouth is both fresh and greedy as coming from a present material with a long-lasting fruity finish.

This rosé will go well with a whole meal, but also meat, especially red meat, and any cheese.

Brut Légende - Premier cru

Montagne de Reims Area (Bouzy – Louvois - Tauxières)

This cuvee comes from Montagne de Reims area. This particular area of the Champagne vineyard is dominated by Parc Naturel de la Montagne de Reims, a superb forest of hardwoods making this area quite unique. What other colour than green to remind of this natural presence?

Soil: chalky soils covered by colluviums (composite rocks coming from the alteration of the different geological layers).

For the eye, golden shiny straw colour as all cuvees of the Collection testifying the exclusive use of the first press wine. Effervescence is lively and bubbles are extremely fine.

In the nose, this cuvee is dominated by its finesse and complexity with touches of frangipane enriched by a nice fruity smell.

The full and velvety mouth brings a nice balance and very long-lasting aromas due to an elegant structure.

Brut Légende - Premier cru

Blanc de blancs

South Area (Bergères Les Vertus, Vertus, Oger)

Located at the South-East of Epernay, the slopes of Côte des Blancs are dominated by woods and protected from Western winds by their East orientation.

Soil: white and limey chalk.

For the eye, golden shiny straw colour as in all cuvees of the Collection testifying the exclusive use of the first press wine. Effervescence is lively and bubbles are extremely fine.

The nose is precise, both floral (white flowers, elder tree flower) and fruity (wild peach, fruits in syrup), giving a nicely precise and highly complex whole.

The mouth, straight and clean, is delicious because well-balanced, delicate and rich. The finish in mouth proves to be quite full and extremely fresh.

A great Champagne full of character.

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